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Fixing Louise

Antarctica going green due to climate change - Telegraph
By Louise Gray, Environment Correspondent 5:00AM BST 30 Mar 2011

The study, published in Nature, found that the hairgrass is able to take advantage of the nitrogen produced when soil warms up and decomposes.
This super efficient process, that enables the hairgrass to grow over the brief Antarctic summer, could help to develop new fertilisers to help plants grow as the world runs out of industrial nitrogen produced with oil.

GM crops to be grown in Britain - Telegraph By Louise Gray, Environment Correspondent 4:00PM BST 30 Mar 2011

GM crops engineered to grow with less fertilisers and insecticides will be necessary as chemicals are made illegal and the world runs out of nitrogen fertiliser.

But Nitrogen fertilisers aren't based on oil - Hydrogen and Nitrogen is what is needed. Nitrogen is in the air and the hydrogen is mostly sourced from natural gas (or some places coal), but it can be made by electrolysis of water...
I'm worried about Louise posting articles in the early hours and failing to grasp simple facts. Get some more sleep girl.


I think she might mean that oil is used to produce the energy needed (and it's quite a lot) to manufacture e.g. Ammonium Nitrate from basic starting materials.

Her language is poor and she probably (make that definitely) doesn't understand the chemistry but she's not completely wrong, for once.

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