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Why Huhne Needs Spanish Lessons

Spain's financial crisis claims another victim: the solar power industry | World news | The Guardian

The solar pv industry alone received subsidies last year of €2.6bn (£2.28bn), a sum neither the country – nor the utilities – can afford. The utilities have paid out €20bn to subsidise solar and wind projects, and are still waiting for the government to pay them back.
The utilities also complain that their coal and gas plants, which the government wanted them to build a decade ago after several black-outs, are losing money because they are now only needed for half the time. But the Spanish regulator forces the firms to keep them on standby for times when the wind stops blowing or at night when solar does not generate.

Can't we send Chris Huhne to Spain to sniff out a new mistress and maybe he might notice something about their power industry at the same time.


Come, come, sir, methinks you assume to much! A politician able to discern fact from fantasy? I do not think they are genetically predisposed toward this ability, just as the Civil Service is a genetic defect which prevents the sufferer from ever being able to utter the truth without obfuscation or insisting on having a committee to decide whether or not it can be told at all.

Couldn't we send Huhne to Elba?

I've read the Guardian article and fail to see any mention of the solar subsidy cost being picked up by taxpayers or utilities company customers. The 'country' has paid it. The utilities companies have paid it. Where does the Guardian think that money has come from?

I would welcome the idea of sending Huhne anywhere away from here, but sending him to Spain would be a waste of even more money. He does not have the mental equipment to see the problem, whether he has any mental equipment is open to question.

Walk in the woods?

Wind & Solar:

This is annoys me , people have been telling them, in bright big bold capitalized letters: THIS IS A BAD IDEA AS IMPLEMENTED.



Any they still rush in to do it with our money.

Frankly this idiocy is like playing russian roulette with all chambers loaded, and pointing it right back at the people who are telling you it's stupid.

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