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Climate Change - No Problem For Global Food Production

Agricultural land availability likely to see major changes - environmentalresearchweb

Xiao Zhang and Ximing Cai from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have found that the amount of agricultural land available globally will change by only –1.7% up to 4.4% depending on the emissions scenario used. However, Zhang and Cai reckon that some regions of the world will gain large amounts of agricultural land as new temperatures and humidity levels lend themselves to growing crops, whereas other areas will lose large proportions of arable land.
Their calculations show that regions characterized by relatively high latitudes, such as Russia, China and the US may expect an increase of total arable land by 37–67%, 22–36% and 4–17%, respectively...

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Lots more lovely wheat growing land up north and loss of some scrubby plots in the tropics, that's another panic over.


Great, more space to grow corn for biopetrol then.

More land to grow and more plant food from emissions. This global warming seems to be just what the world needs.

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