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Telegraph Picture Ed Claims Zionists Plotted Nazi Reich


MI5 files: Zionist terrorist plotted to kill Winston Churchill - Telegraph

A Zionist terrorist planned to assassinate Winston Churchill in order to secure a Jewish state, MI5 records show.

The plan was so the Nazi party could, in time, reappear in a suitable disguise and build up a fourth Reich

No news there that the Zionists were fighting Britain in 1944 using assassination and other terrorist methods but I have a feeling the picture caption is from another story as I'm not convince a fourth Reich was part of their plan.


hmm, just another bit of leftist propaganda?
"Zuh Evil Joos wanted to kill Churchil and establish the 4th Reich to take over the world, zuh holocaust is juzt a capitalist lie to make people angry at socialism"...

Maybe not in name, but in observable fact : The EU ? Common Purpose ? New World Order ? The Conspiracy ? One-World Government ? Bilderburger ?

Alan Douglas

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