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Grubby Thick Yokel Yes Appeal

Benjamin Zephaniah dropped from pro-AV leaflets | Politics | The Guardian

Zephaniah, 52, who was born and raised in Birmingham, reportedly appears on the London leaflets alongside Joanna Lumley, Eddie Izzard, Colin Firth, Honor Blackman and Stephen Fry. However, while his fellow five AV supporters show up on literature across the country, Zephaniah seems to have been dropped.
Tony Robinson, a longtime Labour supporter, best known for portraying Baldrick in Blackadder, replaces Zephaniah

Baldrick, far more like those awful people we meet at the petrol station as we speed through England to get to our charming little seaside cottages. They wouldn't appreciate multicultural culture would they, so better drop the darkie in case we frighten them.

Apart from the couple of GILFs (Grannies...) is there anyone on that list who would convince you to give up your democratic right in favour of a politicians' stitch-up?


Iffin Izzard and Fry are fer it then I'm agin it.

I'm with Lurch here. Quite often, something might sound OK but if these bozos are for it, there has to be something wrong.

"Apart from the couple of GILFs..."

Who'd want to f*** Eddie Izzard and Stephen Fry?

Lovely though they both were in their prime, I don't think Joanna or Honor have anything to offer which could outweigh the dreadful possibility of the country being governed forever after by a coalition involving the LDs.

Though on the upside, if the vote is carried it may give UKIP the chance to put the screws on the Tories in a big way.

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