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Unauthorised Recycling

Police arrest salvagers for taking 47p in scrap from recycling centre | UK news | The Guardian
Owen Gray, 50, and Angela Cubitt, 34, helped themselves to an old video games console and an electric drill that had been dumped at their local recycling centre in Gloucester.
They say they were amazed when the officers, backed by the helicopter, swooped on them as they walked home.
Computer engineer Gray was later fined £20 and Cubitt was released without charge. They claim officers told them the cost of the arrest operation was £20,000 and that the scrap value of the old electrical goods was 47p.

I plead guilty as well to unauthorised recycling, spotted the Dyson nozzle that had broken on mine waiting to be crushed. I only got shouted at but then I lied to the red faced council worker who was jealous that anyone should touch his junk. I wonder if he ever did find the asbestos sheet that I thought I saw someone putting in the cardboard skip....


"I make no apology, least of all to any offenders, for responding seriously to an incident like this and would urge the person responsible to think more about the impact their actions had." Which was what exactly? It seems the only real consequence was revealing the police to be the thoughtless, commonsense bereft, taxpayer disdaining numpties we have come to know and despise.

Of course, for every crime in progress, there has to be someone to report it. While said reporting is laudable in many cases, one would have to say that in this instance, anyone who felt that it was worth expending the energy involved to report the "crime" is a complete and utter twat.

"The police could not say how much the operation cost." Possibly it should cost someone their job. What exactly were the police responding to?

If a copper decided to mount this scale of operation because someone was taking something from a recycling centre (the clue is in the name) they should be fired for such a disproportionate waste of resources; is there a shortage of real crime all of a sudden; are police forces flush with money, over-staffed and bored with nothing to do?

If a council worker reported this as a violent crime that warranted such resources they should be charged and also fired for such a malicious and potentially harmful act.

No doubt the council worker's real concern was to make sure nobody else gets first pickings of the stuff.

Based on the outcome, I guess he's succeeded.

Surely their recycling was more useful and cheaper than otherwise? Now, to some extent I can understand: the possibility of someone taking a truckload of old copper pipes from a recycling center, to sell it to a metal-recovery outfit... OTOH, other than a bed I furnished my first apartment with cast-offs - my Mum vacillated between calling it "early attic" and "late cellar."

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