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Four Top Salaries With Not Enough to Do

Climate change, ill health, and conflict -- Jarvis et al. 342 -- bmj.com

Climate change, ill health, and conflict are interrelated, so collaboration between medical and military professions is needed

Damage to the fabric of human society is bad for human health. It can occur for reasons other than war. A recent report by the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) has highlighted that the effects of climate change will present a threat to collective security and global order in the first half of the 21st century. This will limit access to food, safe water, power, sanitation, and health services and drive mass migration and competition for remaining resources. Starvation, diarrhoea, and infectious diseases will become more common, and neonatal and adult mortality will rise, as a result of conflict. In accordance with this, in 2004, seven of the 10 countries with the highest mortality rates in children under 5 were conflict or immediate post-conflict societies.

The IISS report states that “The earth is warming, and has been for at least a century,” with this being “directly attributable to the increasing emission of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.” As a result, “Climate change may already be changing weather and precipitation patterns” and will continue to drive extreme weather events and changes in water resources (through flood, drought, and …

Doctors must take a leading role in highlighting the dangers of climate change, which will lead to conflict, disease and ill-health, and threatens global security, according to a stark warning from an unusual alliance of physicians and military leaders. Lionel Jarvis, surgeon rear admiral at the UK's Ministry of Defence; Hugh Montgomery, professor of human health at UCL, London; Neil Morisetti, rear admiral and climate and security envoy for the UK; and Ian Gilmore, professor at the Royal Liverpool hospital.

Ian Gilmore - I thought he claimed alcohol was the biggest threat to human health? Or was that yesterday's scare?


Oh, just great! Having done what they can to corrupt evidence-based scientific method and thereby undermine scientific institutions fundamental to our society, the religion of CAGW is now poised to undermine our military, which most British support, and further erode trust in medical advice, already somewhat tainted by propaganda-based evidence-lacking ideology.

Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming has been renamed Climate Change wherever this religion is pushed, because most people understand that the climate changes and if it didn't the planet would still be in the last ice age. If the CAGW crowd had any real evidence to support their ideology they wouldn't have to rely upon propaganda and deception. Cynically, they divert vast amounts of money to their pet project 'in case something bad happens - we don't know what, could be cold, could be hot', taking money away from where it could usefully be used to prevent or alleviate real problems.

As you say "Four Top Salaries With Not Enough to Do" like many at the Beeb and Guardian who have a very comfortable life, paid for from our money. If public spending has to be cut back it surely makes sense to cut what won't be missed by most of us - their lucrative, self-righteous preaching.

I keep asking - what chance we can get some climate cooling going?

We live in a society now run by parasites and for parasites. CAGW/Climate Change is just another way of frightening the taxpayer into parting with even more cash to fund the salaries and lifestyles of the Civil Service (Under-employed and overpaid filing clerks the lot of them!) and all their pals in Quangos, 'institutes' and so on who write this sort of drivel for their other pals in the Media to parrot.

Hang the lot of them, that will put a stop to this garbage.

I preferred him when he was singing for Deep Purple.

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