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Greengrocers To Restore City

Green bankers can help to restore City's reputation | Ben Caldecott | Environment | guardian.co.uk

Green bankers could lead a new approach to finance, helping Britain earn its way in a competitive global economy while supporting the entrepreneurs and businesses that are going to deliver a more sustainable future for everyone.
Restoring financial services, especially in London, as a key driver of Britain's economic success should be in all of our interests.

Green investment is like alternative medicine, if it is worthwhile it is just "investment" and "medicine". If it has to be qualified it doesn't work. The last thing we need to restore our financial sector is sub-optimal investments.
If he is saying we should be the experts in churning the "green" taxes stolen from taxpayers across Europe then that is another matter and I know a man in a sheepskin coat and a few motors on a lot who can be the role model for a brave new Britain.


Green bankers? Pardon me while I find a paper bag.

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