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Let Us Now Praise Norman Baker

Minister for cycling angers road safety campaigners by spurning bike helmet | Politics | The Guardian

Norman Baker, the minister responsible for cycling, walking and local transport – and lifelong bike enthusiast – has reignited a debate that divides bike lovers. The Liberal Democrat MP for Lewes has declared it his "libertarian right" to put himself at risk on roads by not wearing a helmet, prompting claims from road safety groups that he is unfit for the job.

Baker said: "I don't wear a helmet when I cycle. The first reason is that I don't want to. I don't want to wear something on my head. For me the joy of cycling is to have the wind in your hair, such as I have left. It's free, it's unencumbered; I don't want to be loaded down.

"It is a libertarian argument. The responsibility is only towards myself. It's not like drinking and driving where you can damage other people. You do no harm. I'm not encouraging people not to do this, I'm just saying I make a decision not to."

Bet like Boris and Dave he gives in and starts wearing one soon.


Has Boris given in?

If he has, he has gone down in my estimation.

Bike helmets break people's necks.

They're mandatory in parts of Australia and now they're trying to make them compulsory here.


Looks like lawfullrebellion.org is going to be busy :-)

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