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Cut Red Tape By The Yard

Red Tape Challenge - Weights and Measures

The metricators are having a field day getting all over excited about moving the UK into oh-so-efficient European harmony where everything is measured with reference to Napoleons todger.
The view that it should be left up to consenting adults to decide how they want their cabbages weighed doesn't seem to be getting much of a look in.
Do please help.


Looks like the people in there want metric so we can be in harmony with europe.

The fourth reich is doing well.

Not just harmony with Europe, but the rest of the Commonwealth. English measurements are French anyway - pound and ounce are both french words. Plus metric was originally a British idea, put forward by the Royal Society in th 17th century. Look on the bright side - your todger will sound 2.54 times bigger in centimetres.

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