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Boss Of Smart Meter Makers Says Smart Meters Good For Us And The Planet

It is short-sighted to focus only on the negatives of smart metering | Steve Cunningham | Environment | guardian.co.uk

MRDA - Mandy Rice-Davies Applies

But because it is to save carbon and make renewables work he gets a free pass in the Guardian without a squeak as how handing over your on/off switches to the man from the ministry and us all having to buy expensive meters from his company.


If there were a free market in operation, and consumers were asked if they wished to 'opt-in' to the allegedly 'smart metering systems, I would have no problem with that, because people are volutarily signing up to something. But if they are told that these meters will 'save them money' then that is a blatant lie, because the only saving being done is at the end of the Supply Companies, who will be given the power to switch off any consumers electricity at the click of a computer mouse, and that is some power.

This is what is not advertised in all the glossy literature, not told during these bright marketing seminars and 'away days' which are so beloved of the 'Carbon-Green' Brigade.

Taking the American experience, where hundreds if not thousands have been systematically overcharged by the Supply Company, an at the same time as the Supply Company denying there were any problems at all, and knowing our dearth of even partly-qualified installers, are we going to be seeing the reputed avalanche of new meters turn into a steady trickle of badly-served consumers?

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