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Railways Belong In Museums

Body on line causes radio show cut | UK news | guardian.co.uk

A flagship BBC radio current affairs show had to be cancelled after guests including employment minister Chris Grayling were unable to get to the live recording because of a body on a railway line.
Radio 4's Any Questions was due to be broadcast from the National Railway Museum in Shildon, County Durham, but only one of the four-strong panel for the topical debate show was able to get there on time.

All very tragic but yet again proving that railways belong in a museum. The invention of the steering wheel made them obsolete. A coachful of politicians and BBC employees could simply have driven round the body, been more fuel efficient, capable of moving more people per hour per mile of track and been more comfortable.
It also could have been diverted to a cliff top for the greater good of us all.


Politicians love trains. They grew up with Thomas the Tank Engine and now cannot tell fact from fantasy when it comes to railways.
They are also free when you are a politician and you are set apart from the common fare paying public in standard fare.
They love trains so much that they have decided to have a European wide network of fast trains financed by leaves from the European money tree. There is a new branch being planned for Birmingham which will slow all the ordinary peoples trains down as there is only capacity for politicians trains.

Politicians also love trains because someone else is deciding where they are going. Which is how they like most things to be. Shame it is rarely the people doing the deciding. Dithering idiots behind a steering wheel who can't hack the responsibility are a disaster.

Their vision of the future is to make more trains and track and take more freedom from us to save themselves from having to make decisions they could be held accountable for. We need to elect drivers not passengers.

The politicos despise the humble automobile.

Because it means one thing to the humble man in the street: freedom to go where he wants, when he wants.

You are not only ignorant, you are STUPID
Ralways are SAFE - and there is a reason for this ....
They are considerably more fuel-efficient than cars (and yes I do own one)
They are (when allowed by guvmint) considerably FASTER.
You try driving for London to York or Leeds in 2 hours.

Now grow up

Trains are subsidised, while cars are punitively taxed. Trains still cost more.

The only advantage they have is they can achieve greater densities, making them appropriate for routes into city centres. Nowhere else.

I've just gone from Wlathamstow to Cheshunt(ish) and back.
The train is anyhting but dierect, but, even on a quiet Sunday, what with traffic-lights/congestion and road-works the trains were FASTER, and both of them (I changed from UndergrounD to ex-BR) were not "fast" services.
Furthermore, I was able to drink 3.5 pints of Beer at the other and, and come home safely.
Try doing that behind the wheel of a car!
Roads are also subsidised, ESPECIALLY as regards the heavy lorries, not paying their surface-damage dues (so to speak)
"Nowhere else"
I notice you've completeli ignored my point about London - York/Leeds in 2 hours. This is WITHOUT High-Speed dedicate dlines, too. You CANNOT do it that fast by any other means (not when you take airport "security" (ugh) into consideration.

Trains still cost more.

This assumes incorrectly that money is the only thing that we might consider a cost.

I note that my comment about subsidies to ROAD use (especially the environementally-damaging heavy lorries) has not appeared.
ONLY advantage is "greater density".

Greater speed, and much greater safety. Are also rail advantages......

(TE _ Previous comment didn't appear because the challenge beacon wasn't submitted, I have rescued it from the junk bin)

"A coachful of politicians and BBC employees could simply have driven round the body..."

I don't think so.

Do you now know that the police close entire motorways (in both directions) for hours and hours on end when things like this happen?

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