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How Are You Going To Keep Them Down On The Farm?

Small-scale farmers increasingly at risk from 'global land grabbing' | Jun Borras | Global development | guardian.co.uk

Proponents of these deals say they are competitive, that they economise on labour, and that they produce food for export at prices low enough for poor consumers. But, as research from Cambodia to Cameroon to Colombia shows, the social and environmental costs of such deals are rarely taken into account.

"Small-scale family agriculture, on which most of the world's rural poor still depend, is threatened by large-scale plantations, export-led agriculture and the production not of food but commodities," said Olivier de Schutter, the UN rapporteur on the right to food, in his opening speech at the conference.

We actually pay towards a man whose goal is to ensure the peasants stay on the land in crappy jobs, producing expensive crappy food for crappy wages rather than encourage the sort of progress we know works in the developed world?


"the UN rapporteur on the right to food" speaking out against wealth creation, employment and cheaper food in poor countries.

I dare say the war ravaged nations exhausted from the physical and moral struggle against tyranny who set the ball rolling in 1945 would turn in their graves at what it has become.

You should look at Andrew Bolt and follow the row about indigenous aboriginees and the uncle toms and the extent to which these middle class "intelligencia" try and gag Bolt for his opinions. Look at "Aboriginal sophisticates betray bush sisters" at http://www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/commentary/aboriginal-sophisticates-betray-bush-sisters/story-e6frgd0x-1226039349353

I've forgotten how many hectares of wheat a single Western Canadian farmer can produce but it's a staggering figure. That one farmer quite literally provides ciabatta bread and baguettes for thousands of sophisticated Canadian urbanites.

Conversely, a subsistence farmer in the Central African Republic can barely feed his own family on his little plot of cassava root.

Ah, but screw him!

How dare these Africans aspire to a prosperous, healthy, middle-class life in a nice comfortable suburb for themselves and their children!

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