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Oh Yes It Did

Longrider No, It Didn’t

Look at the figures: - Transport Watch UK


Er, no, it proves nothing. Cost is not measured by mere money - time may be more valuable than money, for example. And it does not prove your assertion that the steering wheel made rail obsolete, because it hasn't. You don't like rail - fair enough. Plucking an incident out of the air and claiming that it proves your prejudice is true doesn't make it true, because, frankly, it isn't. And as I pointed out, your group of politicians could just have easily been travelling by road and missed their appointment for precisely the same reason.

Rail is merely one option among many that gives the traveller a choice depending on circumstances.
So, I repeat; no, it didn't.

And "Transport Watch UK" are heavily biased (if not paid for) by the road-building/lorry driving interests.

SPEED and SAFETY are well on the railways' side...
SOMEONE ELSE IS DRIVING - and they are constrained by real safety rules that work.
How many passengers died on the railways last year?
How many on the roads (never mind the injured and maimed....)
And how are you going to cost that?

Now stop taliking complete bollocks (please?)

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