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Once A Terrorist

Israel 'supplied arms to Argentina during Falklands War' due to Prime Minister Menachem Begin's personal hatred of the British, a new book discloses. Begin saw the deals as a form of revenge for the hanging of a personal friend, Dov Gruner, by the British Mandatory Authorities in Palestine in 1947. Gruner was sentenced to death for his part in an attack on a police station by Irgun, the Zionist underground paramilitary movement which Begin commanded before the state of Israel was established.
"[Begin] hated the English above all; everyone had forgotten the British occupation, but not him" according to Lotersztain.
His colleague Jaime Weinstein agreed, saying: "He did all that was possible to help Argentina, selling her weapons during the Malvinas [the Argentine name for the Falklands] conflict."
Begin interrupted the Isrex officials as they tried to explain the situation, saying: "You've come to talk badly about the British. Is this going to be used to kill the English? Kadima (go ahead).

We should have hanged him as well, remember he was a terrorist fighting against Britain during the war years.. But of course one can't say that now as he became a "statesman".


I get annoyed when I hear Israeli politicians going on about terrorism and remember that the many of their previous politicians were ex terrorists.

Never forget Sergeant Clifford Martin and Sergeant Mervyn Paice who were murdered in cold blood by Israeli terrorists.

Alas, such is the way of the world: yesterday's terrorists become today's statesmen, be they a de Valera, a Mugabe, a Begin, an Arafat or, for that matter, a Mandela.

Wonder what Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness think about it all?

A relative of mine served in the Palestine Police Force. They had a very tough time. I believe he knew the two Sergeants who were murdered.

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