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Euromillions Rollover

David Cameron under pressure to block EU demand for £400 per British family - Telegraph

The demand from the European Commission started a war of words, with Downing Street calling the request "€œludicrous"€ and George Osborne, the Chancellor, accusing EU officials of having lost touch with reality. Last night the Government refused to say what, if any, increase in Britain’s contributions ministers were prepared to accept, prompting charges that they would eventually "€œroll over"€ and agree to hand over more taxpayers' money.

Tell me it ain't so, Dave rolling over to the EU's demands whilst yapping defiance. I used to have a puppy that would do that for the promise of a biscuit, just like Dave he was well trained.


Call-me-Dave can't "block" this, any more than I can block my local council's rate demand.

If the government in Brussels decides to increase its budget, an increase is what there will be - after all, Brussels is the government.

There's nothing Dave, or anyone else in the UK, or even all of us together, can do about this, unless we leave the EU.

We should stop deluding ourselves.

Why do people in this country (and the MSM) persist in failing to recognise this quite simple reality?

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