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Marr Ungagged

Andrew Marr affair: BBC star says gagging orders are out of control | Mail Online

Gagging orders are out of control, says Andrew Marr as he abandons injunction over affair
Mr Marr won a High Court injunction in January 2008 to suppress reports of a relationship with a fellow journalist five years earlier.
At the time, he believed he had fathered a child with the woman.
He also made maintenance payments – until he discovered through a DNA test that he was not the girl's father.
When challenged by the Daily Mail yesterday, Mr Marr declared he was now embarrassed by his gagging order and would no longer seek to prevent the story being published.
His affair, which ended in 2003, was common knowledge at Westminster and within the BBC, where he was political editor. But the injunction banned publication of his name in connection with the story.
Mr Marr said injunctions should not last 'for ever' and that their increased use by celebrities was 'out of control'.
'I did not come into journalism to go around gagging journalists,' Mr Marr said.

I wonder, uncharitably, if the total failure of the gagging order to keep the secret had anything to do with this.

As Guido said in January 2008:

A Story You Won’t Get from the BBC, Guardian or The TimesThe Secret of Three of Westminster’s Media Gate-keepers - Guy Fawkes' blog

Andy Marr fathering a child with Alice Miles whilst married to Jackie Ashley goes unreported. Across newsrooms, at Islington and Hampstead dinner parties it has been common knowledge for years. These three journalists are at the heart of the politico-media nexus that constitutes the new ruling class. The producers and editors who are the media gate-keepers would not be keen to dish the dirt on their own… despite the fact that it would be of huge interest to the public.


I can't help wondering if the discovery that he wasn't the daddy also has something to do with his change of heart.

"You can't expose my child as a bastard and my paramour as a slut, but it's totally okay to do the same to someone else's illigitimate sprog and its mother."

Oh how they love to garb their hypocrisy in the robes of principle.

There's an odd, almost naive charm to gagging orders in the age of the Internet. We've had a couple of cases here in Canada where courts have imposed such conditions on a case.

Of course, all the unseemly details simply popped up on a US-based blog.

The US being a sovereign country outside the writ of Her Majesty's Canadian courts.

(And - irony of ironies - even Julian Assange has found himself a victim of this with his Swedish court documents and information hitting the web!)

A brave new world indeed.

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