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Turn Out The Lights When You Leave Please

Rich may emigrate because of high taxes ... and the weather | The Times

More than a third of wealthy Britons are considering moving overseas because of high taxes and fears for the country’s future, research suggests.
In a poll of almost 1,000 people with savings or investments worth more than £250,000, 36 per cent said that they wanted to emigrate, 14 per cent saying that they were likely to leave in the next two years.
The weather was also a major complaint, with 45 per cent saying they would rather live in a better climate.
The richest 1 per cent of Britons contribute almost a quarter of tax receipts collected by HMRC, Lloyds said. “This, coupled with the growth that wealthy people create in their jobs and through their spending, shows that they play an extremely important role in the UK economy.”

Will they be classified as economic migrants or climate change refugees when they move south?


if we have to be a third-world country, why can't we have sun?

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