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Koala Bears - The New AGW Poster Child

Koalas under threat as excess CO2 makes eucalyptus leaves inedible - World - NZ Herald News

The future of the koala, perhaps Australia's best-loved animal, is under threat because greenhouse gas emissions are making eucalyptus leaves - their sole food source - inedible.

Scientists warned that increased levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere were reducing nutrient levels in the leaves, and also boosting their toxic tannin content.


I simply don't believe it.

The CO2 level has gone from two-fifths of FA to two-fifths and a tiny bit of FA, and this is a trace gas which is essential to life and is THE vital thing for plant growth.

If a tiny increase like this has a significant effect, we wouldn't be here; it's been much much higher than this in geological past.

The report is just made-up nonsense produced to advance a political agenda.

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