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Wikipedia users name celebrities with gagging orders - Telegraph

The identities of four celebrities who obtained draconian injunctions to hide details of their extra–marital affairs have been disclosed on Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia.
While Wikipedia's administrators have removed the references from the celebrities' pages they remain accessible in a historic log.

You naughty people. If I cared I would go digging. Solving the puzzle makes it slightly more interesting but the shagging habits of Z listers are still not that interesting.


Wouldn't call Blank Blank a z-lister, TBH.

I regret (not) that my complete lack of interest and awareness of these so-called "celebreties" meant I had to use Wikipedia to find out who they actually were. Well I would have looked if I could give a tinker's cuss and frankly I can't.

Shagging and gagging, however, is interesting

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