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Climate Change Opportunities For Progressives

Opportunities offered by climate change | Rachel Godfrey Wood | Global development | guardian.co.uk

The shock of climate change could upset the status quo, presenting an opportunity to challenge existing social contracts and unequal relationships
...If it is true that food price hikes provided the spark for the demonstrations, and if changes in the climate have had a role in those food price rises, wouldn't that make recent events the Middle East a case of "good" climate change destabilisation?
This is not simply an issue for dictatorships – democratic politicians who are unresponsive to their populations may also find themselves challenged. By increasing the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events, could climate change force governments to respond to their citizen's needs and establish transparent systems of governments?

Even organisations whose causes have not been framed in terms of climate change, such as those calling for social protection, could find their arguments are strengthened by increasing climate awareness.

Being aware of the potential openings created by climate-related instability will be particularly important for those NGOs, social movements and researchers concerned with adaptation to climate change. .. This means engaging with wider processes and issues, including ones that do not always have obvious links to climate change, in order to ensure that the opportunities created by climate change are seized.

And there's some people thinking that the Climate Change Scare is just being used as an excuse....


Well she's quite right, really.

Global Warming panic has pressured governments into planting biofuel crops instead of actual food crops, leading to increased prices. QED.

No global warming panic: no biofuels: no price spikes - simples!

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