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Reasons To Vote No - Number 3


It would not cure the real problem but (or should that be "so") Huhne is in favour of AV, the professional politicians stitch-up.


ooh, tough one, should I

a) cut my nose off to spite my face and give the Lib Dems a small kicking which they are going to get anyway in the local council elections, and vote "No" to make life even easier for Labour and the Tories, or

b) give Labour and the Tories are much larger kicking, thus doing my bit to weaken the LibLabConsensus rather than reinforce it?

We won't be voting 'no' to do anything unpleasant to the LDs. No need - they're not long for this world anyway. Nobody cares about them anymore, especially not those wobbly Labourites who used to give the Liberals their protest votes. The Orange Bookers will join the Tories outright and the Sandalistas will probably either wander off to the Greens or start a Provisional Liberal Party specialising in losing deposits.

We'll be voting 'no' because AV is an absurd system which awards victory to the candidate with the fewest enemies rather than the one with the most support. There's nothing intrinsically unfair about FPTP, and nothing fair about AV, so we'll stick with the devil we know. And if it does pass, the main beneficiaries will almost certainly be UKIP anyway.

Is the argument against from no authority actually any better than the argument from authority?

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