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An Alternative to AV

A tax-based alternative to the Alternative Vote - Telegraph Blogs

Why don'€™t we restrict votes to people who actually pay something into the system? No, I am not suggesting a return to property-based eligibility; although that system worked quite well when Parliament administered not just Britain but most of the world. Today, income would be a much better test, setting the bar as low as possible; perhaps including everyone who pays at least £100 of income tax each year.

No Representation Without Taxation; it has a ring to it. Personally I would allow anyone to vote but only count the votes of those who used their own fountain pen to make the cross. Fair enough I think.


A nice idea spoilt by "That minimal requirement would include everyone who gets out of bed in the morning to go to work and could easily be extended to include, on grounds of fairness, several other groups. For example, all pensioners – because of the fiscal contributions to society they are likely to have paid earlier – and mothers – because of their contribution to defusing the ‘demographic time-bomb’ of an ageing population."

If voting is to be income based let it be income based rather than fudge it. Special interest pleading by recipients of tax money is the reason given by Cowie for our present predicament and then he goes and anoints two special interests.

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