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Dave's Morning

BBC News - LIVE: Vote 2011

Prof John Curtice said the Tories projected share of the national vote (35%) was "fairly remarkable" for a party that had been in office for a year and they should take a "degree of quiet satisfaction" from it. He said the usual protest vote had been directed instead towards the Lib Dems.

At 6:00 am the number of Tory councillors is up, remarkable. Labour of course up more, but not as much as expected and the Third Party heading for the endangered list.
Obviously the "savage and brutal cuts" aren't too worrying to the realistic majority in the country. And the tofu munching protesters are all sulking and moaning as how it is all so unfair nobody loves them.


In some ways, your results echo those of our own 2 May federal election here in the Dominion of Canada.

Our Conservative government now has a solid majority. The Liberals (for years our "natural governing party") seem destined for the dustbin of history like their British Gladstonian predecessors. The NDP (our local socialists) have doubled their strength and have become HM's Loyal Opposition in the Canadian House of Commons.

However, the news is far better for us regarding our own separatist snake in the grass, the Bloc Québécois: they went from 47 seats to four, effectively wiping them off the map.

Alas, I note the Mother Country was not so fortunate with regard to those useless wastrels of the SNP.

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