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Beyond Parody

Climate change 'could disrupt wi-fi and hit power supply' - Telegraph
By Louise Gray
Climate change will disrupt wi-fi connections, cause regular power failures and lead railway lines to buckle unless Britain spends billions of pounds, Caroline Spelman, the Environment Secretary has warned.
A cross-government report published today outlines how planning and design of new infrastructure needs to take into account the impact of climate change – especially as many projects will still be in place in 50 to 100 years time.
Theresa Villiers, the Rail Minister, promised to invest in adapting to climate change.

Thank goodness we aren't like those silly Victorians who thought they could build railways from the Cape to Cairo, in India or across the Nullarbor Plain. Fools.


Maybe we should ask the Spanish how they manage to run their high speed trains in the South of Spain.

And how they manage wifi networks.

Hmmm... I was unaware that sunspot activity (which CAN affect wifi networks) is caused by global warming.

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