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If You Can Watch It, Do.

BBC iPlayer - Wootton Bassett: The Town That Remembers
The behind-the-scenes story of the town of Wootton Bassett.

Extraordinarily good documentary about how how the individuals and small groups of this town self-organised and created the moving and dignified repatriation ceremony. It is built around one day and one such repatriation, one young son's death and his family. It avoided any cheap sensationalism and I can't recommend it more.


I tried to watch it but my eyes were leaking to much.

I linked to your post on my own site , as well as on A Tangled Web. The documentary team which produced this little gem obviously has not been subjected to the usual ten years of BBC brainwashing, and thus did not include much of the usual one-sided bias and comment which we, who actually keep our brains in gear, have come to expect from the totally-biased bunch at the BBC.

From the snips of warfare in the Western Desert, through remeniscence from elderly men who fought in those campaigns, to family of those who have welcomed back their own, albeit in flag-draped coffins, it was a sober and well-made segment of life as it is lived in one small, remarkable town in Wiltshire.

The town and its people well deserve their Royal token, as a signal display of thanks from a nation which too often ignores the sacrifices made in its name!

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