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What A Green Government Means

This energy bill is not so green | Caroline Lucas | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk

Cameron is gravely mistaken if he thinks that shrinking the state, weakening regulatory structures through insidious projects such as the "red tape challenge", scrapping targets (there are none in the green deal, for example) and reducing opportunities for public scrutiny can deliver the "greenest government ever".

So for a "green government" we need a growing state, stronger regulations, no challenges to red tape, more targets and more "public scrutiny", what ever that is.

Thought so.


With the growing number of bureaucrats empowered to tell me what to do, from green MPs to traffic wardens, red line patrols, and assorted now camera-wielding functionaries, it is time to reveal my response to all of them.

Looking at no-one in particular, I say "If I want to hear from an arsehole, I'll fart".

Alan Douglas

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