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Louise Gray - Prairie Dogs Attack Hawks

Hawks 'hunt down' handbag dogs in central London - Telegraph

By Louise Gray

Nick Robertson of Hawkforce, owns the Harris hawk that attacked a dachshund in Duke of York Square around 18 months ago.
He insisted the birds are not trying to kill the dogs, but are in fact attacking because they are afraid.
He said his hawk was jumping on the dog in fright and was so traumatised by the event that is has not been used for pest control since.
“The natural predator of these hawks is prairie dogs, which is why they don’t like them," he said. "They would not try to carry them off.”

Prairie dogs are a type of ground squirrel, found in the United States, Canada and Mexico.
Prairie dogs are almost exclusively herbivorous and select grasses and grass-like plants over broad-leafed herbaceous plants, except for an occasional meal of insects such as cutworms, ground beetles, and short-horned grasshoppers

Apart from the giant ones which soar out of their burrows to savage Harris Hawks as they fly over.

Doesn't the lovely Louise have any journalistic scepticism?


Why the pathetic excuses? Why not just say: "My hawk is trained to hunt down pestilential rodents. If people insist on owning dogs that closely resemble the aforementioned PRs what can they expect?"

"Doesn't the lovely Louise have any journalistic scepticism?"

Perhaps the poor benighted creature actually assumed "prairie dogs" really were dogs?

Gotta go! There are American Red Squirrels at my bird feeder again and they're the natural predators of wild turkeys as you know.

Also, you have to be careful how you approach them, a foursome of American Reds can tear an adult Labrador to pieces in minutes.

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