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Indian Bullshit

Organic farming – India's future perfect? | Nishika Patel | Global development | guardian.co.uk

Organic farming only took off in the country about seven years ago. Farmers are turning back to traditional farming methods for a number of reasons....farmers are suffering from the damaging effects of India's green revolution, which ushered in the rampant use of pesticides and fertilisers from the 1960s to ensure bumper yields and curb famine and food shortages. Over the decades, the chemicals have taken a toll on the land and yields are plunging.

Simply bollocks -

India%20Yields.jpg + Size

From http://www.indexmundi.com/agriculture/?country=in&commodity=cotton&graph=yield
Explore other crops and figures there.

Umesh Vishwanath Chaudhari, 35, a farmer in the Jalgaon district in Maharashtra, switched to organic farming seven years ago after experiencing diminishing yields from his 8-hectare (20-acre) plot.
He plans to convert another 2 hectares to organic cotton and buy 10 cows to make his own manure, rather than buying it. "Using manure instead of pesticides and fertilisers has cut my costs by half, and I get a premium on these goods," he says. "I used to drive a scooter, but in the past few years I've been able to afford a bike and car – and even two tractors."

Two tractors, a car and a bike from the profits from twenty acres? You would be lucky to get that from a thousand acres in the UK. Guess where the consumer is getting the better deal.

Udday Dattatraya Patil, 43, an agriculture graduate, turned to organic farming after his crops were showing a deficiency in feed, leading to rising fertiliser costs. In addition, his banana crop was being wrecked by temperature fluctuations and climate change.
Although he is hailed as a progressive agriculturalist by his fellow villagers, he is the only organic farmer out 3,000 in Chahardi, in Jalgaon district.
Once the awareness increases, organic agriculturalists believe more farmers will join the movement...

Yep, that old progressive movement that the lumpen would willingly join if only they were more aware. All those fools who actually have to make a living from the land just not understanding what the is good for them.


Overuse of chemicals not a problem, you think?

Price of rice in Bangalore the last time we were there (2007): around 10c US per lb for superfine. And that's with the government subsidy.

@jameshigham: 'overuse of chemicals'. Nice catchall phrase that frightens people.


1) Indian farmers are not made of money. Fertiliser is costly and the danger is more underapplication than overapplication. Even if it's overapplied, how much would 'to much' be? And so on.

2) What 'chemicals' are we talking about? That's right, the same stuff that is is manure, just a bit cleaner and not as disease riddled.

What we need in the national curriculum is some kind of 4-H stuff like they have in the US. Kids there raise mean pens of rabbits or poultry and grow some veg learning how the science of growing food works. That would go a long way of immunising folks to green hippy bullshit.

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