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Huhne - The Cover-up - Splash

Secret tape puts heat on Huhne | The Sunday Times

Chris Huhne, the energy secretary, tried to persuade a witness not to talk to the media about claims that he lied to police over a speeding offence.

A secret tape recording of the secretary of state reveals he repeatedly urged the witness not to discuss the allegations.

In the recording, which was passed to The Sunday Times, the minister said: “If I were you ... do not talk. I would have thought you would not want to talk.”

He warns that “the last thing” the witness wants is a “half-baked story” appearing in The Sunday Times prompting a police investigation.

During the conversation, Huhne repeatedly emphasises that the witness is the only person who can “stand the story up”.

“There is no way, there is no way, that there is any evidence for this story, unless you decide to give some legs to it by saying something. Okay?” he says.

The allegations relate to a speeding offence on March 12, 2003, when Huhne was an MEP. On the day in question, a car regularly driven by him was involved in a speeding offence coded SP30, which relates to exceeding a statutory speed limit on a public road, which can include a dual carriageway.

As the registered owner of the vehicle involved, Huhne was sent a document asking whether he was driving at the time.....

The Sunday Times has much more detail but is coy of revealing the "name" - so far they have the evidence of the attempted cover-up. Isn't that what always gets them.


The expendables are going down quicker these days. Strauss-Kahn is another.

Why is this man still in the "government"?

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