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Boost Economy By Digging Holes

Green energy plans could capture 5,000 jobs for Scotland - Scotsman.com News

MORE than 5,000 green energy jobs could be created through the construction and operation of three Scottish carbon capture and storage demonstration projects in a £3 billion boost for the economy, according to research by Scottish Enterprise.

Why not double it to 10,000 jobs and bury even more fizzy gas. Or why not employ a million people to dig holes and a million more to fill them in? What a boost to the economy that would be!
The Magic Money Fairy would happily cough up more money I'm sure, because if the money is coming from anywhere else it would be depressing the economy there, where it could more usefully employed.


As the jobs are in Scotland, the money will, undoubtedly, come from the English taxpayers, so why would the Scots be worried? For them its win, win, win ...

I wonder if this isn't an example of Bastiat's Broken Window Fallacy

Well, something good is taking place in America. The U.S. economy is starting to improve.

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