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It has been a busy seven days; I became a Grandfather, resigned from my job, turned fifty and have just been offered a new job that I hadn't applied for. It is only part time and for three months, I turned down the chance of full time as I still have other irons in the fire. But I think it will be really interesting and the workplace is wonderful and fascinating. And there is every chance the contract will be extended.
However I will be a small speck on the cogwheels of State, with Her Majesty and Her Ministers as my ultimate employers and being a loyal and humble servant it is probably only fitting I am no longer rude about their infinite wisdom.
This isn't a "I will never blog again" post because this blog and you, the readers, have given me so much fun and education over the last seven years that it would be hard to draw it to a close. It just marks that there may be changes and unexplained haituses.
I go to get the uniform measured on Monday, wish me well and I hope to see you soon.


Good luck Gramps.

It's a pleasure to read your posts.

I don't know what to say. What will I do without your no-nonsense Bogusmonger bashing appearing in my RSS feed?

Best of luck in your intriguing new career!

That is really sad news for us readers. Thank you for everything.

Best of luck, Tim, and thanks for all the fun over the last few years.

I'm sure we're all very curious, state job, has a uniform and can be done part time?

I'm sure you'll do a grand job:



Alan Douglas

I am sorry to hear that news Tim. I have very much enjoyed reading your posts, and cannot recall one with which I disagreed.

Your choices of music were also very much appreciated.

Good luck in the future. I will not delete the link to your blog, and will live in hope of it reactivating.

I had never taken you for a nascent Community Support Officer!

There we go.

Joe Richardson

Many thanks for all the posts and the links. Good luck with the SAS (or whatever).

Bye for now Sir and we all await your intermittent musings. Good luck for the future. I shall leave you on my blogroll so that I miss nowt.

Uniform? Have you become one of the oppressors?

And here was I thinking you were a farmer and all that getting up at 6.00 or earlier. I hope it's not a prison uniform your getting measured for. Ken Clarke told me that most of them are part time now!

I'm very sorry to see you go. You've been one of my must-read blogs for a long time. I thought you were older and wiser than me but it turns out you are younger and wiser!



Say it ain't so!

Best wishes but very very sorry to see you go; another good read lost.

Extremely sorry to receive this news, your regular posts have been a must read for some time now.
Good luck with your new venture(s).
Kind regards

They tell me those lady Beefeaters are a bit of a handful, the same goes for lady Traffic Wardens as well, probably no difference really, Enjoy!

Well shall all miss you Tim. All the best with the new job.

You MUST blog again, and soon...

Oh no not another one first Kim then Mike and now you!

First Mr FM and now you. Best of luck though. I have really enjoyed your site over the years. Given your birthday, it looks like we were contemporaries at uni. Shame we didn't meet up. All the best.

First Mr FM and now you...its a conspiracy! all the best and I hope a return to the blogging world at a later date.

Congrats on the GrandBaby and half century, and good luck with the new gig.

But at least post some music links on a Friday even if pungent political commentary is off the agenda.

Well, if you are going to take the Queen's shilling, it's only polite not to call them fools and bastards.

But there'd better be a dead terrorist at the end of your labors. Or a dead pikey, I'm not fussy.

Congratulations on becoming a Grandfather. Congratulations on the new job, I wish you well. I've enjoyed reading your comments on the world in general and politics in particular for some time so I'll miss them.

I'll go along with Thud up there ^. Please continue with the Friday night music slot, you've introduced me to one or two artists I wouldn't have found by myself.

I hope it all works out well for you.

Congratulations and good luck in the new job Tim. Don't let them assimilate you into the 'state'.

All the best. You were one of the first angry bloggers I read regularly back in 2006. Way ahead of your time in terms of understanding what blogging could be. I know that you are much more than that, but I have always enjoyed your sharp edge. Although I have not read you so often in the last couple of years you are still on my blogroll. All the best.

Fondly remembered, and sadly missed.

I'll continue to hope that you, Mr FM, Kim du Toit and David Carr get stuck by inspirational lightning, and return to blogging.

Good luck, the Englishman. Hoping that you will return to bash a few bogusmongers at least now and again!

Tis sad to see - thee and DK. There comes a time though.

We'll miss you in the US, too. You have provided much enjoyment and enlightenment over the years. Thank you.

In a word, "Don't". Stop posting that is.

Keep educating us who are overseas. Keep us abreast of Real Englishmen's views. Along with your shilling comes a Duty to serve the Best Interests of the Queen, which means unblinking criticism of the fools and viillains in her employ. Let not the scullery-maids do a poor job with the silver polishing, free from your oily rag shoved up their skirts. Use a large wooden spoon on the cooks who spit in the soup. Look over the shoulders of the Treasury drones who have extra pockets sewn in their coat-tails.
Keep the ideal of the Englishman alive.

Is it greedy of me to demand you put your life and career on hold purely for my reading pleasure / entertainment?

So long and thanks for all the fish! Congrats on being a grampa and staying in the workforce, kid!

Hahahahaha. See. Its the 28th and you are still here. Just can't stop can you. Thank the Lord Harry.

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