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Nurse, The Screens.

Letter: Scientists could use FoI law safeguards | Science | The Guardian

The president of the Royal Society calls for changes to freedom of information laws to prevent them being misused. However, existing safeguards address many of his concerns.....

Another academic is quoted as saying many FoI requests are made in order to find problems and errors – but that is a valid use of the act. It was the misguided attempt to deny ammunition to critics that led to the Climategate fiasco. The resulting independent review found there had been an "ethos of minimal compliance (and at times non-compliance) … with both the letter and the spirit" of the legislation, and that the campaign of requests to the UEA climatic research unit was partly the result of its own "unhelpful" response to earlier requests. It is not clear that much has changed.

Maurice Frankel
Director, Campaign for Freedom of Information

I think that is Sir Paul Nurse pwned...


I see that giving up blogging has freed you to spend more time with your.. err.. blog. Glad to see you back, anyhow. It's as though you'd never been away;-)

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