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It's The Sun Wot Did It

Letters: Still spinning around the sun | From the Guardian | The Guardian Saturday 14 July 2007 Good scientists spend their time constantly re-evaluating ideas and theories against all the evidence. Because I am a solar physicist, it would make me very happy indeed were the sun to be the cause of current climate change, partly because it would make my studies more relevant and important but mainly because I understand that solar activity will almost certainly decline in years to come. This would mean that the greatest threat to mankind's continued prosperity and wellbeing, namely climate change, would also decline. Sadly for me, and for all of us, you cannot wish or spin away a scientific reality. Professor Mike Lockwood
Blow to green energy plans as wind speeds forecast to drop for 40 years - Scotsman.com News

Meteorologists now believe these becalmed weather systems are linked to levels of solar radiation. A particularly quiet spell between 1645 and 1715 - a period known as the Maunder Minimum - saw Britain suffer a mini ice age, yet also bouts of hot, dry summers.
Professor Michael Lockwood of Reading University said: "We reached a high point of solar activity in 1985. Since then, it has been declining. We are now halfway back to the levels seen during the Maunder Minimum. The probability is that decline will continue for the next 40 years."

It seems the Prof is a good scientist and has re-evaluated his ideas about the sun, though what his thoughts on the Global situation are I don't know.


I believe it was in a parliamentary written answer to John Redwood that the department of pointless hysteria/energy and climate change confirmed that ALL human activity (from breathing to flying) accounts for 3% (sic) of global CO2 so if we all died tomorrow, CO2 output would remain ay 97% of current levels. This to me is the smoking gun.

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