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Green Turning Brown

Scotland wants German-style nuclear shutdown, says SNP - Scotsman.com News
The German coalition government's plans to phase out all of its nuclear power stations by 2022 mean the country is the biggest industrial power to give up on the controversial form of energy.
Nationalist MSPs at Holyrood seized on yesterday's announcement, with energy minister Fergus Ewing saying that the move "adds further weight" to the SNP's plans to generate all of Scotland's energy from renewables within ten years.

Support wind farms? It would be less controversial to argue for blackouts | George Monbiot | Comment is free | The Guardian So this is where the United Kingdom stands. We cannot keep burning fossil fuels without cooking the biosphere. We don't like nuclear power. We don't like onshore wind. We won't like the costs of the other technologies. We reject all the means by which electricity is generated. Yet no one is volunteering to stop using it.

So we will end up with smaller rejuvenated power stations burning fossil fuels, purely for "back up" purposes you understand, and brown outs.


The sad thing is you could hide a dozen (or MORE) massive & modern fission plants in Scotland: cold water for cooling: check, great sea access for materials and shipping, check, geologically stable, yep, lowish population, yes, "a few" valleys and bays so they aren't too visually intrusive, YES, lots of heavy support industry ( oil support) that could use something to do ... run some big arse HVDC lines to to the south and make oodles of money.

And Oh, if you can't use the "waste" hot water to do something useful in Scotland, well, un-imaginative doesn't begin to describe it.

For information, these are the decommissioning dates for all the UK nuclear power stations. All dates are estimated decommissioning dates (from the Magnox & British Energy / EdeF websites)

Magnox (First generation. All but 2 already shutdown)
Oldbury end of June 2011 (but may be extended)
Wylfa (meets more than 40% of Wales' electricity needs) 2012

Advanced Gas-Cooled Reactors (Second generation) England
Hinkley Point B 2016
Dungeness B 2018
Hartlepool 2019
Heysham 1 2019
Heysham 2 2023

Advanced Gas-Cooled Reactors (Second generation) Scotland
Hunterston B 2016
Torness 2023

Pressurised Water Reactors (Third generation)
Sizewell B 2035 (In the absence of any new build, continued operation of Sizewell B will depend on technical support from EdeF.)


1) In less than 10 years, only the three most recent stations (Heysham 2, Torness and Sizewell B) will be producing electricity: Heysham 2 and Torness will shutdown in 2023. In principle, the case could be made with the Nuclear Installations Inspectorate to extend operation of AGRs, but probably only by a few years (my opinion).

2) Any comment about early shutdown of Scotland's stations seem rather silly when half of them will have gone in 5 years! If it will take 10 years to become 100% renewable I cannot see any way they will shutdown either station early (unless they want to destroy their newly-independent country by electricty starvation).

There are no viable alternatives to cheap fossil fuel. Not Solar (PV), not windmills. We can indeed build windmills and manufacture solar panels but that does not make them viable. At best they produce very expensive electricity for about 6 hours a day. They are so expensive and energy intensive to manufacture that they can never produce as much energy as it took to build them. The ONLY reason they exist is because of government subsidies and political corruption. We will continue to enrich the manufacturers of these products and those who install and run them until we smarten up and throw the bums out. Until then we will waste billions on "alternatives" that are not viable and may never be viable.

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