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All Animals Are Equal

Environmental tax threatens green energy research in UK | Environment | The Guardian

World-class research into future sources of green energy is under threat in Britain from an environmental tax designed to boost energy efficiency and drive down carbon emissions, scientists claim.
Some facilities must find hundreds of thousands of pounds to settle green tax bills, putting jobs and research at risk.
The unexpected impact of the government's carbon reduction commitment (CRC) scheme is so severe that scientists and research funders have lobbied ministers for an exemption to reduce the bills

Oh, an exemption please. Because our use of fossil fuels is more important than your or your company's use. Just like our flying round the world is more important than your flying around and so shouldn't be criticised. In fact it probably is unfair we have to queue in traffic like you do so maybe we should have special traffic lanes for really important people like us......


"The unexpected impact ..."

And these are supposed to be clever people.

The Law of Unintended Consequences Bites again ...

When will Whitehall/Westminster ever learn? Probably never...

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