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The Countryside You Pay For


The tall crop on the left won't be harvested, it is being grown for the wild birds to eat during the winter. The grass on the right is not used to feed animals, it is for the birds to nest in, as is the hedge. In the distance under the hills there is five acres of fallow for different birds to nest in, and the downs themselves are managed organically with low output planned.

Ten years ago there wasn't a hedge here and every inch was ploughed to produce food, apart from the downs which had had fertiliser flown onto them to maximise output.

Farmers have responded to financial incentives and wildlife has paid better than food. Every change is reversible.


I've just returned from a week in the Cotswolds(Whitney area)staying at a cottage deep in the countryside.
I have never seen so much barbed wire and hefty padlocked gates seemingly guarding nothing, no cows, no sheep, no chickens, no pigs and the only dogs are the ones that have been brought, from the towns, by the visitors.
All very disheartening.

What's it all in aid of though?

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