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MP For The Khmer Vert

Hay Festival 2011: Caroline Lucas leads call for return to wartime austerity - Telegraph
....a more simple life when we made do with old clothes, shared baths and grew our own vegetables.
By Louise Gray

Her argument was based on the seminal work of EF Schumacher, the author of Small is Beautiful.
Almost forty years after publication of the book she not only said “small is possible” but “small is inevitable”.
In fact if we do not move to a more sustainable way of living then global warming is a “hideous prospect”.
Even David Cameron, the Prime Minister, has admitted Schumacher is an influence on his idea for a ‘Big Society’..
The New Home Front campaign aims to reduce carbon emissions by encouraging people to “make do and mend”and “dig for victory”.

There is more on this dribbleconomics at the aptly named Make Wealth History.


I frequently offer to share baths wioth ladies of my acquaintance, sadly they are not as green spirited as Ms Lucas would like.

Just tell me when it starts so I can stock up on black market silk stockings. I've got my eye on some housewives whose husbands will be sent to the front.

It's already well for Caroline Lucas but most of the rest of us do not have the option of using a broomstick as alternative transport.

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