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Situation Normal - Worse Than Expected

Britain's hot spring could be result of shrinking Arctic | UK news | The Observer

...the change in weather may be due to the shrinking of the sea ice cap in the Arctic. Ice cover there has been disappearing at a striking rate and is currently at its lowest recorded level for this time of year. Less and less solar radiation is being reflected back into space as a result, and the atmosphere heats up. But how such a phenomenon could affect the weather over Britain is unclear.
Meteorologist Tim Woollings, of Reading University, said: "Climate models are starting to show some agreement that jet streams will shift slight closer to the poles in response to increases in greenhouse gases."
Such a trend could bring more settled, dry hot weather systems to Britain, though predictions are unclear. "There is still considerable disagreement between different models," Woollings added. "The hot weather we had this year arose because the jet stream was deflected south. Last year, it occurred because the stream was deflected north. So it is still very difficult to predict what will happen."
However, Woollings was sure that climate change would continue to have an influence. "One thing we can say is that even if the statistics of weather regimes do not change, we may feel the impact of some of them more strongly.

So even though Arctic sea ice in the spring is within a smidgen of what it has been "since records began". And one year it is warm because the jet streams go north, and next year because they go south. And the statistics may not change... We are all going to die.


Amazing what a little spin can do. Hottest spring on record by a massive 0.03 deg C, less than the likely margin of error.

Hottest Spring www.hadobs.org Seasonal mean ranked
DegC Year
10.20 1893
10.23 2011

The difference 0.03, is a decadal rise of 0.0025deg C (over almost 12 decades), which we should compare with the decadal rise from 1837, the coldest year on record, to 1893, which is a huge 0.8 deg C per decade, over 5.63 decades, before carbon footprints, (odour eaters), were invented. All meaningless nonsense of course, just like the conclusions presented to us by the Met Office.

For the year to date, hottest months on record, deg C: www.hadobs.org monthly mean ranked

Jan Feb March April May
7.5 1916 7.9 1779 9.2 1957 11.8 2011 15.1 1833

That's what I call global warming.......

What a very scientific paper....not. What are these scientist on these days?

When ever you hear one of these "hottest, coldest, wettest, least wet" type quotes, consider you have say four things you can moan about each month. Then consider you have twelve months per year and say accurate records exist for about 100 years. So it's really not surprising you can find some random anomaly and claim the sky is falling in.

The really curious thing is however, don't the warmists realise this is all 'white noise' by now. Anyone gullible enough to believe, really believes. The rest of us just turn the air-con up (by 0.03 degrees!)

The important thing to understand about "hottest, coldest, wettest, least wet" type statistics is that every year somewhere in the world it will be the "hottest, coldest, wettest, least wet" ever in history. So those who want to convince the gullible that global warming is real simply have to find those anomolies and put them out there as though they are indicative of a global trend. For what it's worth this spring is one of the coldest where I live. So which is the correct indicator?

First thought; were enough temperatures in 1900 really measured to one-hundredth of a degree centigrade to give an average with this accuracy?

If Woollings is correctly quoted, then,as you say, his words "... jet stream .. because..." are meaningless and contradictory.

But what is it about Reading that promotes fake-scientific-babble? Ann Walker (http://www.quackometer.net/blog/2007/06/dr-ann-walker-and-her-neanderthal.html) is a nutritionist who thinks the germ theory of illness is wrong. James Anderson (http://en.wikinews.org/wiki/British_computer_scientist%27s_new_%22nullity%22_idea_provokes_reaction_from_mathematicians) thinks he can divide by zero and has - if I understand his website correctly - used this to find a counter-example to the Turing Halting theorem, also tripe. And a third senior Professor, Graham Megson, (http://mapletreehouse.co.uk/About.html)
is applying (again if my Google is to be believed) the pseudoscientiic "principles" of NLP, hypnosis, Quantum Linguistics and Quantum mysticism to computing and sickness. The summary of his expertise is at http://www.helford2000.co.uk/master-practitioner-certification/

But then its Vice-Chancellor, Gordon Marshall, (a sociologist) has a political attitude to expenses.

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