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The Spy In Your Bin

BBC News - BinCam makes students recycle through Facebook photos
A bin that photographs rubbish is shaming Newcastle students into recycling.
Images of their discarded packaging are being posted automatically on social networking site Facebook.....


If they are so weak minded that a bin can persuade them to alter their behaviour, then they perhaps deserve the lives they get

What isn't clear here is whether the "naming and shaming" only relates to students who have Facebook accounts of their own, or whether the university are supplying personal details of students, without permission, to Facebook. If the latter case then it illustrates what has long been one of my major concerns about Facebook, namely that even if you do not wish to partake in its activities then there is little to stop a third party from supplying sensitive information about you or even creating you a spurious "identity" which subsequently appears to be of your own doing.

Of course, if some of us had the misfortune of being students at Newcastle University then we may have just taken pleasure in burning plastic packaging, with lots of black smoke, in full view of "BinCam"...

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