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How Many Holes Has Seb Coe Got?

London 2012 Olympics: golden torch revealed - Telegraph

The torch, which has 8,000 holes in its gold coloured aluminium frame, representing the runners who will transport the Olympic flame for 70 days around the UK and Ireland...

Olympic%20Torch.jpg Olympic%20torch%202.jpg

Now call me an old sceptic but if Seb Coe told me the sun rose in the east I would phone up Greenwich Observatory to check. Not that I don't trust the man but.

So the torch is 1 meter tall (ten times the width of his grasping hand). There are ten holes per side at the top - three sides thirty holes per row.
The holes are about 1 cm diameter, look at the finger tip.
100 rows at 30 per row makes 3000.

Maybe there are lots of extra holes at the bottom, or maybe he is counting the holes on the inside as well as the outside, but whatever I bet we paid more than $44.58 for a rolled up tube of 24 inches x 36 inches Round Hole Aluminum Perforated Sheet 3003 H14


It looks to me as though there are two layers to the thing, in which case you can double the numbers you calculated.

even though the holes were rather small...
nice to see that someone else remembers Coe was a politician between his running days and his current role; i wouldn't trust him to score a bag on my behalf.

That is more holes than the Albert Hall.

yes, there's indeed 2 layers.

Price might be excessive, but it looks rather nice. At least (however idiotic the "explanation") they chose a nice design rather than some monstrosity.

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