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Swine Flu - Worse Than Thought

Half of Scots were infected by swine flu - Scotsman.com News
ALMOST one in two Scots caught swine flu during the first outbreak of the virus, but only one in 20 went to doctors reporting symptoms, research has revealed.
A study by Edinburgh University found that the swine flu outbreak of winter 2009-2010 was much more widespread than was previously realised, affecting up to two million people in Scotland.
Blood samples taken from Scottish adults in March last year at the end of the H1N1 flu season showed that almost half were carrying antibodies to the virus.

66 Deaths officially in Scotland from swine flu.

July 2009 -

UP TO 65,000 people in Britain could die as a result of swine flu as the pandemic takes hold across the country, according to the government's latest calculations.
Sir Liam Donaldson, the UK government's chief medical officer, said the scenario of 65,000 deaths was based on 30 per cent of the population – some 18 million people – becoming ill and 0.35 per cent of those dying.
But the actual number of fatalities could be anywhere between 3,000 and 750,000, he added.


66 deaths from Swine Flu?

I am guessing this is a fairly small fraction of the normal winter death incidence from flu of all sorts put together.

Does anyone know the facts?

(Not Sir Liam Donaldson, obviously)

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