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Scottish Energy Policy - Realism Attacks

Green energy target branded unrealistic and unattainable - Scotsman.com News

THE Scottish Government's target of generating 100 per cent of the country's electricity needs from renewables by 2020 is unrealistic and unachievable, according to a leading economist.

Mr Mackay said his is the first report to provide a "realistic and objective assessment" of how Scotland's energy industries are likely to develop in the next decade.
"There is confusion and errors - deliberate or otherwise - in many of the other reports between energy production and consumption, and also between electricity generating capacity and actual generation, particularly for wind farms.

You don't say.


Meanwhile, various lefties of my acquaintance are all up in arms because they're about to be hit with a 10% increase in the price of electricity.

Who did they think was going to pay for all those windmills, Henry Kissinger?

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