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No Known Species Went Extinct Last Year

Antelope species back from brink | UK news | guardian.co.uk

An antelope hunted to extinction in the wild has been brought back from the brink, conservationists said, as they unveiled the latest update on threatened species.
It is thought the last wild Arabian oryx was shot in 1972, but a successful captive breeding programme and reintroduction efforts mean its population now stands at 1,000 in its wild home of the Arabian peninsula

Good news. But with the threat to biodiversity being the new scare how are other species doing?

Let's look at the Summary Statistics of The Red List which lists all the endangered species.

Table 7 lists all the species that have changed in status since last year.

As far as I can see not one species moved into the extinct category last year - the St. Helena Darter moved out of it into the unknown category as no one has seen one since 1963 but then no one has really looked for one.

So whilst unknowns may have gone pop not one known has. Now there is a statistic you don't hear about.


In the world of the greens and viros, no news is NOT good news. They need hysteria, exageration and outright lies.

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