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euro Implosion

Eurozone 'could implode like giant Lehman Brothers' - Scotsman.com News

THE UK government is on course for a clash with its European Union partners over calls for Britain to put up to £16 billion into a new bail-out fund for the eurozone.
Mr Sarkozy urged other European countries to set aside their squabbling and self-interest to safeguard Europe's economies. "We need to move on from these national quarrels and get back to the sense of our common destiny," he said, hours after a meeting of European Commissioners broke up in gloom and foreboding at the failure to agree a second bail-out for Greece.
"I call on everyone to show the spirit of responsibility and sense of compromise on which Europe has been built. It's every-one's duty to do everything needed to safeguard the stability of the euro," Mr Sarkozy said.

I don't need no Hungarian dwarf to lecture me on "duty".


This is probably going to prove to be a terrible mistake. It is throwing good money after bad. It is like co-signing for your near-do-well nephew who is an irresponsible crack head. Eventually this mistake will be clear to everyone but how much money will be thrown away before then?

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