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Farming Rhinos

China breeds rhinos for their horns | The Sunday Times

Businessmen in China have established the world’s first rhino farms to provide a ready supply of the animals’ horns for use in traditional Chinese medicine.

Dozens of white rhinos have been imported into China and are being kept in a secure park known as Africa View in Hainan province in the south of the country. There the rhinos’ horns are chopped off with the intention of selling the product for vast profit. A second farm is understood to have been set up in Yunnan province, in the south west.

It is suspected that the rhinos have their horns partly or wholly removed while under sedation. The operators of the farm then wait for the horns to regrow — typically at a rate of about 3in a year — before “harvesting” them again. The horns are largely composed of keratin, the same substance that makes up human hair and nails.

Good new all round one would think, but guess what...

The existence of the rhino farms, long rumoured but not previously confirmed, has dismayed campaigners who say the massive influx of horn into the market will increase demand and further threaten wild populations....

Yep that's the old economics at work, massive increase in supply of a legal substance increases the demand for the illegal variety of it. Are you sure that is right?
It wouldn't be because the number of Rhinos will increase ,and as golden geese looked after for their hair clippings, by private enterprise, would it?


Welcome to the green version of supply and demand:

Whereby an increase in the supply of anything is met with increasingly shrill demands from the greenies.

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