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UK Closed


Britain not open for business, say voters | The Times (£)

Britain has a worse tax regime than France, India and China, according to a Populus poll for The Times that reveals the scale of the challenge facing the Government on growth.
The UK has been ranked bottom of six key competitors on personal and business taxation in a poll of voters that suggests they do not yet regard Britain as being “open for business”.

And that isn't even adding in the increasing regulatory burden. Almost enough to make one wish that the Conservatives had won the election.


The Germans and the French also do not allow their civil servants to 'gold plate' everything that comes out of Brussells and then don't appoint another 10,000 Thought Police to police them.

I wonder when the Morons of Westminster will realise that as they employ almost a third of the tax paying workforce in the UK and all industry and commerce has moved "Offshore?"

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