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Never trust the advice of a man in difficulties.

Europe braced for MEPs' expenses storm - Europe, World - The Independent

Publication of suppressed report could undermine efforts to deal with eurozone debt crisis
By Oliver Wright, Whitehall Editor

The European Parliament will today back down and order the release of a secret report detailing the widespread abuse of expenses by MEPs, The Independent has learnt.
A meeting of senior MEPs is expected to accept a European Court of Justice ruling that there is an "overriding public interest in disclosure".
Given the difficulties the EU faces in persuading countries such as Greece, Ireland and Portugal to accept tough austerity measures, the re-emergence of allegations of misuse of taxpayer funds by MEPs is unlikely to be welcome on the streets of Athens or across the Union.
Those who argued against the publication will be anxious it should not inflame the situation in Greece. Anger there is so far directed at the Commission and other nation member states, but that could spread.

Its hard to take advice to eat your donkey from gold plated swill guzzling pigs, as I think an old Aesop fable says.


IIRC The Galvin report was leaked to the Taxpayers Alliance and was also hosted by wikileaks.

I did recently find a live link to a copy of it but the link nows asks for login details. If you do a google search for myftp, galvin and 2008 and click on one of the cached versions you'll get to something like this from where the files can be downloaded.

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