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The Sunday Huhne

Secret tape on Huhne seized | The Sunday Times

A court has ordered The Sunday Times to hand over a recording of a telephone conversation between Vicky Pryce and Huhne discussing allegations that he pressurised her to take penalty points for speeding on his behalf.

During the exchange, Pryce can be heard talking about her fears of a police inquiry if the claims became public. “It’s one of the things that worried me when I took them; when you made me take the points in the first instance,” she says. Huhne, a challenger for the leadership of the Liberal Democrats in 2007, is heard urging her not to discuss the matter with journalists. He also warns her that it is not “sensible” to talk about it over the telephone.

After a private hearing at Chelmsford crown court last week, a judge ordered that the evidence be handed to the police. The Sunday Times is considering appealing.

I wondered why the story had gone quiet for a week or so. The journalists aren't playing ball but plod is plodding on.


I wonder if a super injunction has been applied?

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