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Cuddly Climate Minister Greg

Climate change arguments incite 'weird religiosity', says Greg Barker | Environment | The Guardian

"The climate debate, which was started by Margaret Thatcher who was the first world leader to call for concerted action on man-made climate change, was subsequently almost hijacked by the centre left," Barker said.
"They gave it the narrative and it became a post-cold war means of advocating large-scale government programmes. It almost instinctively drew the antipathy of free marketeers and the centre right who felt uncomfortable with some of the language of the climate change agenda."

Centre left? Only the centre left?


But Barker and his boss, Huhne,especially, are part of it.

"was subsequently almost hijacked by the centre left"

That was an editing error, what was meant is "was subsequently hijacked by the left of center" you see.

Yep, the collapse of the Berlin wall had the lefties grinning desperately in a total panic, what to do now? Thatcher (who I suspect had the agenda of ending the coal miners union) can never have realised just what a weapon she was providing to the left to destroy not just the coal mining industry, but all industry.

I reckon this must (privately) be her greatest regret.

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